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Everything in view. Everything is under control.

Refrigerator with easyAccess glass shelf
  • easyAccess glass shelf

The era of not knowing what is hiding in the back of the fridge is over. Thanks to the easyAccess extending glass shelves you always keep a good overview of your stored food. The frameless glass shelves are elegant and robust. They can be pulled out up to the middle and loaded easily. Pulling them out is easy and they won't tip even when fully loaded.

All side-by-side refrigerators with easyAccess glass shelves

Experience convenience. Without interruption.

  • noFrost

Frozen yes, ice no. Siemens noFrost technology keeps ice from forming on the interior walls, and frost from forming on your food. An air circulation system removes excessive moisture, keeping the humidity in the ideal range. Ice and frost don't have a chance. And what does it need from you? Nothing. Never defrost again.

All side-by-side combinations with noFrost

Siemens noFrost technology

Everything fits here. The Siemens bigBox.

Siemens bigBox
  • bigBox

Sometimes you just need more space in your freezer, like when you are stowing bulky foods or containers. Whether it is an entire leg of lamb, a stack of pizzas or a tall can, it will fit a bigBox freezer. The bigBox is unusually high so you have plenty of room to stack. If that is not enough, in many Siemens freezers the shelves and compartments come right out so you can make even more room.

All functions at a glance. The TFT display.

  • TFT display

With the high-resolution TFT display, preserving the freshness of foods is especially easy. It presents all activated programme information at a glance: Clearly divided, easy to understand – and therefore easy to control. Individual programme settings such as temperature, timer or ice cube preparation, as well as specific storage recommendations are convenient and easy to select.

With the TFT display, you can easily call up useful information about your food. Whether produce, fish, meat or dairy products – you will find information about the vitamin and nutrient content of the most important foods. Similarly, you can check the individual nutrients and your daily needs. And of course you can get information about the maximum storage time, naturally separately for the freezer and refrigerator. With all of this information, you are well-equipped for ideal storage.


Siemens TFT display

R18 999.00
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